PT in the D LLC is a personal training studio located in the heart of Downtown Detroit. This studio will offer one-on-one, dual, and semi-private personal training opportunities for clients. All workouts are continually tailored to match each individual's needs based on their initial assessment and progress at the studio.  Workouts done at PT in the D will be focused primarily on healthy lifestyle choices, weight loss, strength gain and muscular improvements.

PT in the D will service business professionals and residents of Downtown Detroit and the surrounding Detroit area.  As Detroit’s resurgence continues, there are companies such as Compuware, Quicken Loans, Ernst & Young, DIA, DSO, Rock Ventures, GM, etc., that will be within walking distance for any of their employees to take advantage of PT in the D. There is also a continued growth in permanent residents in the downtown area in places such as Kales, Broderick Tower, Detroit City Apartments and many more to come. 

As the obesity and inactivity epidemic continues to grow throughout the US, more and more people are in need of getting professional help for their nutritional and fitness needs. Detroit is annually one of the cities at the top of the list nationally in obesity.  Detroit has continued its revival and with that there is a growing need with business professionals working longer hours with less free time. Workout programs more than ever need to be delivered that are time-efficient, safe, enjoyable, and still deliver great results. PT in the D will be able to satisfy all those needs because of the individual attention each client can receive. 

Personal Training Studio in Downtown Detroit


Need a personal trainer in downtown Detroit- Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner

Owner/Personal Trainer


The owner of PT in the D, Robert Gardner, is a highly qualified professional with 8 years of personal training experience.  Starting with a degree in Exercise Science from Wayne State University, Robert has continued to keep up with the trends and the ever evolving fitness industry to offer an exclusive customer service opportunity. Certified professionally as a trainer through ACE fitness, Robert has also been trained in TRX Training, Spin instruction, and is most currently a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist (CES). This, along with his passion for fitness and desire to get the results his clients demand, sets him apart from the everyday gym.


Personal Trainer in Downtown Detroit

Sean Clark

Personal Trainer


Sean is a graduate of Wayne State University with a Bachelors Degree in exercise science, and he is also a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. After completing an internship at PT in the D in 2016, he has worked closely with Robert helping people in Detroit reach their fitness goals. Previously, Sean has done athletic performance training with middle school and high school athletes and has facilitated strength and conditioning training at a collegiate level. Sean is a highly dedicated and hardworking trainer who eats, breathes, and sleeps fitness.