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Sarah N...

"I started training with Robert at my mom's recommendation. Working out with a personal trainer is now a main component of my weekly routine and I look forward to our workouts for stress relief. I would not have made it through nursing school without our sessions! The strength I build while training with Robert helps me to acquire confidence and strength in other areas of my life as well. While I went into our sessions without a particular goal in mind, I think I am in the best shape now than I've ever been in and when I do receive compliments on my figure, which I know I worked hard on, so it feels good! I also really enjoy when my mom and I get to work out together, our "Fun Fridays", because it helps to have someone else there to encourage and inspire you."

Susan N...

"Robert has been my personal trainer for a few years now. I feel like he really knows what he's doing in general, but he also knows my physical issues and keeps them in mind as we train. He's charming and has a great sense of humor, so when he's encouraging me to work hard, I don't even mind! The workouts are always varied and I feel very strong and healthy, thanks to Robert."

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""I started working out at PT in the D a little over 9 months ago with the goal of getting stronger and developing the habit of working out. I've never been the kind of person who loves going to the gym, but over the past few months I've found myself looking forward to my bi-weekly workouts... something I never though possible! Since starting, I've been able to double my deadlift, chest press, and push press weights. Most importantly, I've learned good form and technique... I no longer feel intimidated walking into the free weights section of my local gym. I'm looking forward to what the next 9 months have in store for me at PT in the D."

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Julie F...

"I initially came to Robert to get in shape for my wedding dress! But bigger picture - I've always wanted to try lifting weights but had no idea where to start. Robert made the whole process of working out with weights very accessible and I've seen benefits from the start. As someone that has had some sports injuries, the strength that I've seen especially in those areas of my body are truly the long term benefits that keep me coming back. There's also the excellent PT in the D client community and the events & challenges Robert organizes for his clients - bringing lots of fun into the mix."

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Joe R...

"I’ve been training for about two years and couldn’t be happier. The workouts that are designed for me are challenging and adapted to my needs and goals. That has led to a significant improvement in my body composition. While it is sometime tough to get up for the 7AM training, I am always glad I did when the training is done."

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Synthia S...

"I found PT in the D three months before leaving Detroit. Robert was flexible in working with my timeline and generous in helping me feel confident with our workouts so that I could continue on my own once I left town. Before working with Robert, planning a workout seemed unmanageable, now I feel comfortable and excited to have strength training be apart of my weekly routine. I grew to really enjoy weight training and challenging my body. Robert is a generous trainer and I would recommend him to anyone out there looking to create a healthy relationship with exercise."

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